C/PTSD after Narcissistic Abuse #narcissism #ptsd #cptsd #npd #recovery

On today’s episode of the Sharon and Joe show, we discuss C/PTSD. Joe, in particular has been struggling with C/PTSD and we go in depth discussing what that means and how to handle it. The reality for so many of us is that narcissism reaches deep inside of our souls. It attaches itself to us and really rips us apart. The recovery is a daunting task. Ultimately though, recovery is possible. All of us can enter a new phase of our life without the narcissist weighing us down and ruining every single day. Thank you so much for watching. I make videos every MWF. On Monday, Joe and I get together to do a video together. Wednesday and Friday I make solo videos. Please like, share and subscribe. Love to all who suffer

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