C-PTSD & PTSD: Mental 'Illness' vs 'Injury' by Valerie Lynn Stephens

My works explore the mundane and the metaphysical as they relate to the human condition and experience.I have been actively writing since my mid-to late teens and am always posting more content as it is completed. Some works featured are older creations and some, more recent. I got this idea after recalling how I used to record all of my works on cassette when I was much younger and I always enjoyed the process. While I’m definitely not a professional Actor or anything, these turned out pretty well considering how long it had been since I last recorded myself and my works. I was originally going to also include a ‘live’ video of me as I was reading them, but decided to use a still photo instead. I may still attempt the read-as-I-record strategy in the future…Thanks for listening. Godspeed.

Source: Youtube