Call it what it is… infertility Trauma and PTSD

There’s no shame in my therapy game. I love my counselor so much that I’d have her over for Sunday dinner. In the south, that’s a big deal!

I didn’t want to go today because I felt like my time could be better spent doing work BUT I’m glad I went. We discussed a lot about fertility, infertility, adoption, medication, the blog and fears about pregnancy.

The kicker… I got to finally name my issue with getting pregnant. Yes. Issue. With. Getting. Pregnant. I’m want it so badly but I’m totally terrified of getting pregnant again! The fear is so heavy, it’s suffocating. My wonderful Deborah. I call her “my Deborah” 🤦🏻‍♀️😂 helped me to discover this is normal and appropriate, now, let’s call it what it is and work on it. Thank god for her!

I hope this helps!

Source: Youtube