Calm Clarity – Due Quach – AWeber Small Business Big Impact Award Submission

Thank you, AWeber, for considering our submission for the Small Business Big Impact Award!

About Calm Clarity

Calm Clarity is a pioneering social enterprise that uses science to empower people of all backgrounds to overcome adversity and develop a mindset for growth, leadership, and resilience. We are committed to fostering socioeconomic inclusion and addressing unconscious bias, social narratives, and limiting patterns that prevent people from realizing their full potential and becoming the highest expression of who they can be.

Our Social Impact Mission: We are addressing the college graduation crisis in Philadelphia for Low-Income First-Generation (LIFG) college students by supporting them to overcome great odds to succeed

3 key issues facing LIFG students:

1. Living in low-income communities predisposes LIFG college students to severe trauma and toxic stress.

2. Out of 100 Philadelphia high school students: 24 enroll in college; six out of ten, or 14 drop out of college, with debt, but no degree; only 10% or 10 of these students earn a college degree. This means that of those who make it to college, more than half will not graduate.

3. Mental health is a leading cause of high drop-out rates in students. 64% of young adults no longer attend college because of mental health related reasons (depression and post-traumatic stress disorder are primary diagnoses).

To help LIFG students overcome these challenges, Due Quach developed the Calm Clarity Program, a neuroscience-based leadership training that rewires the brain to break self-limiting patterns linked to trauma, toxic stress, and poverty, and enables people to learn new skills and habits that support resilience, academic success, well-being, and forming healthy relationships. The training draws from Due’s personal experience with healing PTSD as a LIFG student at Harvard University.

In addition, Calm Clarity helped found the Collective Success Network to rally professionals to support and mentor LIFG students to successfully navigate college and enter professional careers, and to de-stigmatize the LIFG identity.

College Scholar Testimonials:

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Ahtziry from Cabrini:
Fiona from Drexel:

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