Calming Anxiety – Secrets of the Vagus Nerve | Joe Dolezal

The key to our emotional stability relies on one of the longest and most complex nerves in the parasympathetic nervous system – the VAGUS nerve. Spanning from the brain stem down to the colon, this particular nerve is responsible for many of the key functions within our body.

Under Stephen Porges’ “Polyvagal Theory”, we explore some of the major themes that help us describe how to turn on the bodies inherent calmness which can be activated by simple exercises, and how the triggers of post traumatic stress disorder disable millions when the vagus nerve runs haywire.

It has been assumed for decades that most of our nervous system was autonomic, meaning, NOT within the conscious control of the human mind. But ancient science’s such as Yoga have shown that we are in fact are consciously capable through certain types of practices and techniques to control the entirety of our nervous system. Swami Rama demonstrated this in the 1970s by completely turning off his heart, and being able to emit orbs from the chest bright enough to see with the naked eye.

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