"Can A Narcissist Cause Trauma?" PTSD Response To Character Pathology | Psychotherapy Crash Course

#trauma #narcissism #PTSDI’m sure you have heard the word narcissist for a very long time. Our society is obsessed with this topic. But if we’re talking about the clinical version of the TRUE narcissist you will find there is nothing attractive about this personality. Most narcissists are frighteningly sneaky, manipulative, damaging, and controlling.A long time client of mine asked me once “can my narcissist cause trauma?” and the answer was YES. Narcissists cause trauma in many ways but the most damaging way (for most people) is dragging you through the mud of every single encounter you have. They disrupt the foundation that you stand on. They disrupt your truths. In this video, I discuss your trauma responses to these people.

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