Can Ketamine and MDMA treat trauma?

Hi all! This weeks video looks at the effects of MDMA/ecstasy and ketamine as a treatment option for ptsd. The biological mechanisms involved in these drugs for ptsd as well as depression/anxiety are mentioned, as well as the therapeutic benefits and research in the area.

If you have any questions about the video or any ideas for future videos, please comment below! 🙂

0:00 Intro
00:31 Glutamate and PTSD
01:30 PTSD general symptoms
02:13 Current PTSD medications
02:31 Ketamine: biology
03:21 Ketamine research
03:55 Ketamine: biology & psychology
05:30 Ketamine treatment review
06:44 Ketamine: summary
07:20 MDMA intro
07:35 MDMA psychology/biology
08:29 Fear extinction learning
09:09 MDMA & therapy
11:34 MDMA general research comment
12:17 MDMA review
13:03 Video summary


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Source: Youtube