Canadian Army Veteran Thady anna on Wars, Afghan Tour, PTSD of Soldiers, Inner engineering online…

Captain (retired) Thady Holmes CD1 is my formal name on my passport and my military government records. Joined the Canadian forces as a paratrooper at 17 and served 25 years. I was commissioned from sergeant to Lieutenant as a reward for my leadership in combat operations in Afghanistan 🇦🇫. I was forced to retire and get retraining for my next career. I ran my own financial management business for a couple of years with my South Indian business partner Devansh Bavishi. After my 17years friends killed himself I got out of the financial world and started Pathfinder strategies in 2018 to help veterans with Suicide prevention training. Because of COVID my business has, unfortunately, had to close for now but I am hopeful for a future where I can help veterans again. Right now I am living with my wife Stephanie and my two step-children Jozi (12) daughter and my toughest guru lol 😂 and my stepson Jaxon (8) who is a fantastic teacher as well.

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0:00 – Introduction
0:50 – He started training at the age of 12, and joined the army by 17. He was also a scientist, a firefighter for 6 years & a rescue swimmer as well.
2:00 – Due to all the excess physical & mental activity, he became 83% disabled. He took 13 pills a day, He then began Meditating, and saw sadhguru on youtube first time. He also explains the connection between femine energy and his injuries being on the left side.
6:05 – He then did inner engineering online. On a Sunday night, he sits down in front of a candle to do his prayers where he experiences a manifestation of energy.
16:00 – He was without food for 22 days and was still climbing mountains. He displays how exhaling into “shambhoo” acted as a guide. He also explains how he felt different energies in him after inner engineering.
19:30 – A guru comes to the rescue!
22:35 – Ancestral spirits (pitru) in nepal: Devotion is the highest form to function.
24:40 – He did inner engineering online again! He did 108 AUM chanting every day at 3:30am. His day went amazing. The main aim was to bring balance to the system.
28:00 – First lesson of your life taught at Isha to children is; Finish what you start.
30:00 – He explains the effect of sadhguru and isha on him. He elaborates how their story of creation is related to indian culture, about saptarishis & kundalini.
34:00 – Tour in Afghanistan; he handled divorce between all the guns & fights! He disabled a IED with his bare hands and also washes the feet of the man who tried to kill him.
44:00 – He shares his inner engineering experience & advice; a technology of breathing and this supercomputer given to us; it can be used to maximum potential.
47:30 – Contact him!

(Sharing from anna) Thank you 🙏 I have personally lost 28 very close friends of mine to Suicide since we have come home from the war. The medication they gave us had this effect as well as making us super aggressive. There is a big class-action lawsuit against the drug. The Americans got rid of it after Vietnam because the side effects were horrible. 50 % of soldiers who used this drug either killed themselves or someone else. It was then sold to Canada 🇨🇦 for very cheap years later as an anti-malaria drug. Unfortunately, it caused horrible side effects to many of us


They call my diagnosis incurable PTSD….. but they have never heard about inner engineering. My symptoms from this drug have been greatly reduced by inner engineering and I am 95% less angry and aggressive than before. It has been the only thing that has truly helped me so far

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