Cancer Survivorship 101: Post Traumatic Stress in Cancer Survivors

Post Traumatic Stress in Cancer Survivors, with Lara Traeger, PhD

Due to the quarantine, we had to cancel our annual in-person Cancer Survivorship 101 event that was planned for June, 2020. Instead, we created a series of video lectures presented here on our website and our YouTube page featuring the speakers that were to be highlighted at the event.

Lara Traeger, PhD
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Behavioral Medicine Services
Massachusetts General Hospital

Lara Traeger is a licensed clinical psychologist at the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) Cancer Center and an Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School. She specializes in the care of adults and their families affected by psychological distress related to cancer. Her active program of research focuses on enhancing self-efficacy, health behaviors and resilience following cancer diagnosis as well as enhancing patient-clinician collaboration. She conducts her work in collaboration with specialists in cancer, aging, behavioral medicine, mind-body medicine, decision science, and public health to support a multi-disciplinary approach to this work.

Survivor Journeys has been a non-profit organization since March, 2015. Its origins, began during the year-long medical quarantine Dr Jay Burton lived through after his stem cell transplant for Acute Myeloid Leukemia which ended in late October 2011. Dr Burton’s emotional and social support experiences prompted speaking engagements about cancer survivorship. The community interest generated from these talks, as well as the lack of emotional and support services for cancer survivors in our region, led to the creation of Survivor Journeys. Learn more at

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