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o communicate more effectively with your twin flame

💕defining all relationships ,such as the differences between 3d ,4d and 5d

💕 innerchild alignment

💕adult alignment

💕heart chakra meditation

💕tips on how to ease the pull

💕the totality of why you are a twin flame/your purpose

💕work to do to get into union
Plus tons more!

🌟twin flame union pakage plus a reading from me !£180: this will include the whole union package plus a in depth reading from me with any recommendations that may pop up in there to help you move forward with your journey this will be untimed so it takes as long as it takes! And will be sent to you via a link

If you would like to book me please email me on: Joannecarr33@gmail.com

🌟twin flame union package plus one to one support on what’s app £250 and half an hour session

🌟twin flame union package -plus one to one support and a tarot reading £300

💫I also sell Sophia Charles Charles innerchild programme ! £120
💚This is the PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and childhood emotional neglect programme
this is the most crucial programme for you to get in union with self and with your twin flame counterpart ! Please see previous videos of my journey and my progression using these programmes !💚
💚This includes :
10 videos- including Sophia and David (Sophia’s twinflame counterpart)Qand A
💫healing tools
💫meditation audio
💫chakra self healing
Plus Tons more !
💫Free additional 7 day innerchild programme !

🌟Linkity links to personal recommendations:

💕Amber’s twin flame union inner child work:

💕espot Erica’s peer twin flame support group:

💕twin flame community (Sophia Charles)

💕Tim gaurdian protector:

💕twin flame transformations programme:

💕melanie Twain flame healer:

💕 my own journey and innerchild work playlist :https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRuqdBB6ZV2l2fY8pc1gah8TByUbRY94M

🌟new🌟one to one support !
This will be done via WhatsApp via video call or phone call whatever your preference everything talked about is strictly confidential! I will listen to what you need support with and give advice where needed and I will send recommendations in written form after the session so you have a reference to go back to!

🌟all sessions will start within 7 working days of booking unless extremely busy will change this if this does occur all emergency bookings will be done within 24 hours of booking

🌟if you are buying sessions in bulk I will split them up into one hour sessions and we will sort out dates between us and times etc

🌟doesnt matter where you are in the world I will fit you in –

💕half an hour session:£50

💕1 hour session:£100

💕2 hours bulk session : £200

💕emergency session 1 hour : £300 within 24 hours of booking

🌟to book these services my email address and PayPal links can be found below

🌟book a personal reading with me !😁

£80 -this will include channelled messages ,an indepth reading into you and your person and what needs to heal and anything else that may pop up! This is not timed and will be as long as it needs to be !

I will send a private video link to you via email

Please email me on: Joannecarr33@gmail.com
To book and for payment details 😊
Amazon wish list donations are always welcome ❤🥰: https://www.amazon.co.uk/hz/wishlist/ls/13CKM72GJMKQT?ref_=wl_share

Energy donations 🥰🥰💚: paypal.me/jojostarot130

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