Cathy Brooks Interview 25 April 2021

I’m talking to author Cathy Lynn Brooks on Book Talk Radio Club. Cathy is the author of Not My Story To Tell, My journey through grief: Loving and losing a daughter with bi-polar disorder and Justine – anecdotes, stories, blog posts, and meanderings that didn’t fit the thesis of Not My Story To Tell when she was trying to make sense out of her daughter Justine’s life and death. Cathy spent her career working with children with special needs, but despite her professional experience, it was still heart breaking for her to witness the challenges faced by her daughter, Justine. Justine always reminded Cathy of Annie Oakley. She was fierce and protective of the vulnerable, but she was also plagued by her own troubles. At a young age, Justine was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder. As Justine grew up, she often made bad choices due to the traumas of her past and her mental illness. Through it all, Cathy never stopped loving her daughter. You can listen in and find out more at

Source: Youtube