ChatRoom: 5: Part 1: Post Traumatic Stress & SelfCare. Guest Keith. PLUS MUSIC VID. Live Performance

This is PART 1 with Guest, KEITH, who is an upstanding human being with a caring and kind nature. He runs a community project and does great work that assists people in his town. Over the next few PARTS, in this SERIES with KEITH, we will be chatting to him to hear how HE has been combating POST TRAUMATIC STRESS – a Very Real DEBILITATING issue that many people go through, and yet there may not be enough people talking about their experiences. NEXT WEEK I shall post PART 2 in this SERIES with KEITH and explore more about his story and please feel free to have a look at KEITH’s very inspiring INSTAGRAM account, as he posts incredibly beautiful photographs. See his account here: AND if you wish to follow my ART on instagram see this account: PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME IF YOU HAVE A SOCIAL ISSUE THAT YOU FEEL WOULD MAKE A GOOD TOPIC AND IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE INTERVIEWED ON MY CHANNEL. Thank you for the images I made use of along with my original footage of my live performance.

Source: Youtube