ChatRoom Ep5 Part 2: PTSD and the Sun Chasers Project. Guest Keith. PLUS video from Live Music Show

Thanks for joining again !! Please NOTE that over the next few months I shall be hosting my ChatRoom Sessions, Music Videos, Blogs, etc on my website: …SO DO SIGN UP as I am developing it as we speak. 🙂 Back to THIS VIDEO…It is ONE of 3 short videos in EP 5 with GUEST, KEITH, who speaks about his PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress) symptoms and what he is doing to overcome them. This topic is one of great importance because when we hear how other people fight their battles we are inspired to do the same. Please see KEITH’s inspirational INSTAGRAM POSTS that are all based around uplifting people: AND if you would like to follow my INSTAGRAM, follow this link: PLUS, if you would like to support my PATREON, click on the Patron ICON on the bottom right of my YOUTUBE cover page. See you there!

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