Chatting With Sonya and Friends. Ep3 (Part 2)

This episode of Chatting With Sonya and Friends is a continuation of the previous episode with the ladies discussion of “Women of Color” and Mental health.

Too often, women of color try to muscle their way through depression and anxiety on their own.

The ladies share their own personal struggles with post traumatic stress syndrome, postpartum depression, vulnerabilities, guilt and even shame.

There’s a negative stigma surrounding mental health in black and brown communities often leaving women of color with the burden of having to be strong and stoic.

We are reminded by Rhonda Ramirez, Licensed Professional Counselor, that attending to our own physical, spiritual, and emotional, needs isn’t a sign of weakness. —

It’s a sign of STRENGTH — And we should always try to encourage our family and friends that it’s okay to seek the treatment that they need.

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