China news | The Chinese submarine sailor suffers from a serious psychological disorder

China news | The Chinese submarine sailor suffers from a serious psychological disorder.
Research by Chinese scientists recently showed that many submarine sailors operating in the East Sea of ​​this country are facing serious mental health problems.

“Research results for the first time show that the soldiers and officers of submarine forces in the South China Sea are facing serious mental and psychological health problems,” the US newspaper Stars and Stripes published. of the Chinese Military Medical Journal.

The mental health status of the submarine force in the South China Sea is of particular concern to the Chinese Ministry of Defense. Since 2006, soldiers must pass a psychological test to be recruited into the Chinese submarine crew.

“About 20% of the total submarine crew is experiencing mental problems while on duty in the South China Sea. This is an extremely important sea area from a geopolitical perspective, “said the Chinese Military Medical Journal.

The study was conducted on 511 Chinese submarine sailors operating in the South China Sea.

Based on their responses in the surveys, the researchers found that 21% of the submarine sailors, or 108, were experiencing “mental problems”.

These people are concluded to have symptoms such as obsession, anxiety and hatred …

The researchers concluded that the submarine force in the South China Sea had serious psychological problems, exceeding the Chinese military’s permitted standards for the psychological stability of the soldiers.

Life as a submarine sailor is not easy. They have to work in a small space, lacking oxygen and natural light.

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