Chris Watts: Dave and Tammy' Lee's PTSD bc of this case#denverpost#chriswatts#shanannwatts#wattscase

I am reading the Denver Post article that was released on 8/11/2019 and it is as follows:

Today, one year ago, was the day SW was meant to die and certainly the day that CeCe did die. This is an article about the mental well being of the people on the front line and the anguish they have experienced. They never mention that this case is closed but that people who have suffered with PTSD have stepped away. I will not take this article at face value. I won’t believe the case is closed until the FBI makes a written statement or a prerecorded statement to THIS COMMUNITY of people that would GLADLY get on with their lives if it is closed. Is it now in the hands of the FBI b/c of the amount of people involved? I just chose to continue digging UNTIL there is an OFFICIAL statement this case is over and done with. Then we can ALL can begin heal!

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