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Overcoming Chronic Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
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At 8.22am on 22 September 1989 the IRA detonated a 15lb time bomb in the recreational centre changing room at the Royal Marines School of Music at Deal barracks in Kent. Many were trapped in the rubble for hours and military heavy lifting equipment was needed to clear much of it. Ten marines died at the scene with most trapped in the collapsed building, although one body was later found on the roof of a nearby house. Another 21 were seriously injured and received treatment at local hospitals. One Royal Marine who survived the blast, but was left with long term psychological issues was Andrew Gronkowski. Very quickly after the bomb Andrew had survivors guilt and in the April the following year he took an overdose. Having suffered with the effects of chronic PTSD for 27 years Andrew struggled to hold down a job and therefore had 40 jobs and 35 house moves over that time. Overtime Andrew’s PTSD has manifested into, anxiety, aggression, OCD, nightmares, flashbacks, self harm, a fear of crowded places and public transport. In a desperate bid to get his life back Andrew enlisted the Speakmans

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