Coffman Questions PTSD Disability Claims for Noncombat Vets

Rep. Coffman speaks on the House floor about his proposed amendment to the annual VA funding bill that would prohibit any funds from being used to provide VA disability compensation for veterans claiming combat related Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) who had never served in a combat zone.

PTSD is one of the fastest growing disability cost to the Veterans Administration. 437,310 Veterans were receiving compensation at the end of Fiscal Year 2010 for post traumatic stress disorder. This is nearly 100,000 more than in 2008. With the Obama administration’s relaxed PTSD eligibility guidelines the costs are projected by the Congressional Budget Office to escalate to $100 billion over a ten year period.

The amendment effects only disability compensation payments. Under Coffman’s amendment, veterans with approved PTSD claims, regardless of the circumstances, would still be eligible for treatment under the Veterans Administration.

Source: Youtube