Cold Shower #1 | How & Why | PTSD

Do you have PTSD?

Then I’m glad you found this video.

For years I was plagued and tormented with uncontrollable PTSD. It ruined my moments, hours, and days.

Along with hurting myself, I hurt the people that I love the most in this world.

First the trauma came in through neglect, abuse, and manipulation. Then trauma came up from hidden triggers. And through cold showers, yoga, foam rolling, music therapy, stretchers high, trust talk, exercise, meditation and breath work the trauma came out.

If you’re overwhelmed– just boil it down to this. Trauma is help in the body. You access it through putting the body through pain that comes to an eventual release of feeling good.

I believe that you can become WAY better than you are right now.

Justin Lanaro

Source: Youtube