Cold showers, fasting and fresh fruit heal anxiety, depression, PTSD and stress!!!!!

Cold showers are a form of shock therapy that is very beneficial to our bodies. Cold showers boost our immune system function by increasing the production of white blood cells, and assisting the lymphatic system with eliminating waste in the cells. Cold showers also activate antidepressant hormones by producing higher levels of endorphins, which add to our happiness and noradrenaline, which increases our alertness. Cold showers alleviate stress by lowering the blood pressure. Cold showers improve sleep, detox, decrease pain, improve circulation, improve hair health, improve kidney function, reduce swelling, speed up healing, increase metabolism, reduce body aches and more. Add in plenty of fresh fruits daily and these benefits are multiplied times two. Then with fasting we have tripled the healing in unlimited ways. #coldshowers #fasting #freshfruit

Source: Youtube