Collective eSports League – Week 2 Season 1 | PTSD vs. FaF |

Today Collective eSports is bringing you the next match in week 2 of our inaugural season! In this map we feature PTSD and FaF on the map Border in a best of one! If you like what you see give us a like, subscribe, and share with your friends!


About us:

Collective eSports is a community of exclusively Xbox One players that not only play games together, but compete in our own league as well. We have the mission of providing an alternative to pro league on Xbox consoles while hosting some small differences to put us apart from the rest. As of 2019, we started our inaugural season and have plans to continue for much more! Here we will be posting a lot of different content from montages to analysis of game-play from teams and players in the league! If you like what we are doing feel free to follow, like, and support us at the following links below! Hope to see you all there!
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