Combat veterans response to using the Temple Massager.

1 February 2017
To Whom it May Concern,
I have been working with veterans for over 20 years, many of whom are combat veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Associated with this disorder, are often a host of other physical and emotional challenges such as headaches, clenching and grinding of teeth, general anxiety, sleep disturbance and depression.
Mr. Joe Meisch, President of Meisch Temple Massagers graciously traveled to Fort Bragg, CA to share his information and temple massagers with a group of veterans with whom I work. After providing information and a demonstration, several veterans took home a temple massager of their own. A little over a month later, I checked in with the veterans to get feedback on their experiences with the temple massager. Many of the veterans shared that they have been using it regularly, and have found it to be a good distraction/diversion to whatever the stress was they were feeling at the time. It has allowed some to get through periods of stress or anxiety without having to use a prn medication. They feel it has been a useful addition to their “toolbox” of managing their anxiety and general stress as well as a first line “go to” when experiencing a headache. Several also reported they appreciate and find comfort in the lavender aromatherapy aspect of the temple massager.
I truly appreciate the therapeutic value Mr. Meisch’s temple massager’s. It is a creative, non-invasive adjunctive treatment which is having beneficial effects for our veterans.

Vanesa Goertzen, Ph.D.

Source: Youtube