Combating ptsd with equine assisted therapy

How Can Horses Help Me?

Horses are highly sociable, communicative & intelligent animals who have an exceptional gift when it comes to helping people. Horses naturally follow a calm, confident leader who enables them to feel safe & relaxed. When we interact with them, they show us areas within ourselves where we are lacking in calmness, confidence or clarity. By working with them, we are able to overcome these & any other issues.

Horses can help you to improve your life through presonal development, as well as overcoming any specific issues such as PTSD, depression, anxiety, previous abuse or trauma, & addictions.

Horses are master teachers who can help you:

• Improve Confidence & Self Worth
• Communicate Clearly & Openly
• Express Emotions Positively
• Establish Positive Boundaries
• Create respectful relationships
• Find clarity in your life purpose
• Overcome past trauma, abuse & PTSD

We offer a safe & supportive environment where our experience & sensitivity can help you on your pathway of true healing, freeing you from past traumas, enabling you to enjoy life freely once more.

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stay safe stay strong i no how it feels and that there is a way through it

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