“Coming Out” as a Survivor of Complex Trauma

Firstly, sorry about the inappropriately cheerful thumbnail.

Secondly, this is a video about some very sensitive topics, and a few trigger warnings apply: Discussion/description of verbal/physical domestic violence including repeating quotes that contain slurs for gay people and women, discussion of mental illness particularly PTSD, discussion of poverty and homelessness, and discussion of suicide/suicidal ideation. (If I need to add anything, please let me know. I’m discussing my own experiences and don’t always know what might be triggering to other people)

So, I’m gay and out, and did already have a traditional “coming out” experience, but it never felt like quite the milestone it is for some other people in the queer community. I was lucky in that I didn’t really have a period where I was “in the closet,” and I didn’t ever feel like I needed to overcome any kind of fear or shame to live openly as a gay person.

I have, however, struggled with holding some of the experiences I talk about in this video in secret. It’s been super lonely, and my goal here is to purge some of the shame associated with abuse and not living truthfully, and be able to connect better with people and be more honest about who I am. So, this is my version of a brave and honest milestone, and in my case it feels a lot more like coming out than telling my friends I’m gay ever did.


Source: Youtube