Compassionate Inquiry: My Healing from Dr. Gabor Mate's Approach

Compassionate Inquiry: My healing from Dr.Gabor Mate’s approach // Want to learn how compassionate inquiry by Dr Gabor Mate can help you to heal? Learn how a therapist who completed Dr. Gabor Mates compassionate inquiry online training had many experiences of healing though Dr Gabor Mates approach. Dr Gabor Mates Compassionate Inquiry approach helps heal childhood trauma, overcoming addiction and is a healing therapy designed to get to the root core of the issue so you can have your own healing. Compassionate Inquiry helps with healing mental health and emotional health. If you want to learn about Compassionate Inquiry and see how you can heal watch this video.

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I’m Tess, founder of Uncharted Depths.
I am a Compassionate Growth Consultant who specializes in healing addiction, limited core belief systems and childhood trauma. I would love to connect with you! You can find me here:


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