Complex PTSD Explained. What is it, how is different from regular PTSD, how do you get it.

Today’s video is about Complex PTSD. What is it, how is it different from regular PTSD and how do you get it. People who suffer from long term Narcissistic Abuse, extreme Parental Alienation and / or have endured years of legal abuse most likely will suffer from symptoms of Complex PTSD to one degree or the other. This video explains what are the identifying symptoms and how this disorder is connected to with Narcissistic Abuse.

Jill Wise is a life long survivor of narcissistic abuse. She was raised by a malignant narcissist, married one and endured years of family court battles trying to divorce one and fighting for custody. She has lived through the extremes of narcissistic abuse and parental alienation. She now devotes her life to helping others who are dealing with this form of abuse and domestic violence. If you are interested in Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Coaching, please visit her website or send her an email at

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