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Complex PTSD can result from living a life with a spouse, parent, close friend, and/or extended family if the individual has a character pathology, engages in narcissistic abuse, or has unresolved mental health, substance abuse, or trauma-related challenges. It is important for you to understand how their behaviors, thoughts, and feelings can negatively impact your overall health.

I’m sure you have come in contact with (or grew up with) the above characteristics and now realize just how detrimental these people can be to your health and growth across your lifespan. Complex PTSD is not a diagnosis in the diagnostic manual but rather a “category” that explains symptoms, thoughts, and feelings.

In today’s video, I will be discussing complex PTSD – what it is and how it can impact you – moving forward in your life.

intro 0:00

Chronic/acute trauma
Not time limited 4:54
Traumatic bonding 6:04
Self-destructive behavior 9:29
Emotional immaturity 11:36
Frontal lobes 12:20
Cognitive changes 13:08
Character pathology 14:48

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