Complex PTSD Trauma and Binge Eating Disorder Story After Narcissistic Abuse (as a Christian woman)

In this very emotional storytime video about my Complex PTSD and binge eating disorder (C-PTSD trauma binge eating), I share what it’s been like to struggle with emotional binge eating while on my narcissistic abuse recovery journey. Complex childhood trauma causes various eating disorders, and it’s very difficult to share because there’s a lot of shame and guilt associated with this affliction, but it’s time. I own my truth. No more dark secrets! I shared more about childhood C-PTSD and trauma in my other videos on this channel for Christian women. The most popular video about childhood trauma and its consequences in your life today is called “20 Types of Narcissistic Mother Trauma,” here’s the link

It took many years to face, process, understand, and accept my narcissistic mother trauma, molestation, domestic violence abuse, and my marriage with the narcissist husband who actually used food to abuse, manipulate, and control me, which I explain in this video in detail. If you want to know more about my narcissistic marriage, here’s my wedding and here’s the playlist about everything that happened after that wedding

I’m almost 40 years old. I left my abusive narcissistic mother 13.5 years ago and I left my abusive narcissistic husband 4 years ago but the severe wounds they inflicted on me caused long-lasting trauma, which I am healing from today. The two most serious consequences of their narcissistic abuse to my mental health have been Complex PTSD and binge eating disorder. I’ve kept it to myself for a long time. No one I ever tried to share this with ever gave me a space to talk because I am skinny: they would dismiss me or laugh at me. But one time, me and my neighbor got to talk outside on a gloomy day as I was up the hill clocking in my 10,000 steps and she was waiting for her puppy to do its business on that same hill.

She is extremely obese and shared how she can’t stop eating junk food and her health suffers because of weight gain. I am fit but I struggle with the same reasons for eating and the same emotions…. I was stunned when my neighbor made room in the conversation for me to share about my weight gain (which is invisible to most people and they dismiss what I have to say). She wholeheartedly listened to me and also shared her own weight gain journey, and we realized: we are the same, we struggle with food due to childhood trauma from chronic abuse. At the time, I wanted to climb a mountain and share this breakthrough with the whole world but I felt overwhelmed and scared. But today, everything is changing… I am speaking out about my Complex PTSD binge eating disorder, weight gain, weight loss, weight management, guilt, shame, and how much I need Jesus. Every day. Eating healthfully and mindfully today helps me see and feel God’s grace. That’s why I share my videos about eating. For me today, eating is an act of worship and fellowship with God. This is my story.


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