Confident dance – bipolar elevated mood after triggered PTSD. Mania attitude & hypoarousal.

TW: sex toy

My name is Xanthe Wyse. I have been diagnosed with bipolar 1 disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), social anxiety disorder.

My mood has been hypomanic lately and starting to go into mania so I have had a temporarily medication adjustment after this video to help calm things down as the intense energy is not sustainable (will result in a crash/breakdown if continues).

When my mood is elevated, it overrides my social anxiety disorder and I do more daring things. Like this video. I can also look at the camera more. I actually do feel more confident.

This is after I was triggered with PTSD and I felt angry (very rare for me) and after exercising off most of the energy. This is some of the residual energy with combined intensity plus my sense of humour (the wand vibrator – which is on but I couldn’t really hear it).

I was listening to Confident by Demi Levato. It’s one of my pissed off mood songs.

It was expressing, ‘don’t mess with me playing games or I will incinerate you – calmly’.


Source: Youtube