Conversation with Tesha Gibbon about Cancer & PTSD

In this episode, our co-host Tesha, tells her story of being diagnosed with early-stage Cervical Cancer, her recovery, subsequent PTSD, and post-traumatic growth. She discusses her diagnosis, treatment, toxic positivity, and her journey towards healing from trauma.

Topics Discussed
(0:00) Diagnosis: Tesha talks about her response to being diagnosed with Cervical Cancer, having to tell friends and family, and her decision not to tell most people.
(7:58) Toxic Positivity: Tesha talks about the pressure “stay positive”, and keep up appearances, despite her fear and worries, throughout their diagnosis and treatment.

(18:00) The All-Clear: Tesha finally received the news she’d been waiting for, there were no remaining signs of cancer, and she no longer needed treatment, but something didn’t feel quite right.

(22:32) PTSD: Tesha discusses the symptoms leading up to her diagnosis: flashbacks, irritability, hypervigilance, nightmares, panic attacks, and dissociation

(27:00) Getting help: Tesha talks about seeing her family doctor for help, taking medication, and finally seeing a therapist.

(34:27) Post-Traumatic Growth: Tesha describes her journey towards post-traumatic growth, how she learned to start talking about her trauma, and began her journey towards growth.

(42:38) Final thoughts: Tesha talks about how others could have supported her during this time. She also talks about what she thinks others in her situation could do to help themselves.

About Tesha Gibbon:
Tesha Gibbon is a Minimalist, and works full-time as an elementary school teacher. She lives with her husband, John and two daughters. She is a co-host of Now What? Podcast, and soon-to-be published co-author. Tesha has survived Cervical Cancer, and PTSD. She is passionate about the power of story-telling, and enjoying the simple things in life. You can find her on Instagram @Simply_overcome or follow the podcast @nowwhat_podcast

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