Cop Gets Fired for Speaking the Truth + Brain Health Tips w/ Greg Anderson

Greg Anderson spent a decade in the Special Operations/Para-Military community with 14 overseas deployments. In this show he discusses how he takes care of his mental health, naturally.

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—————————————–Show Notes————————————–

0:00 Intro
05:27 Mental Health right now
08:38 Social Isolation and depression
11:07 Blasts and blast overpressures
22:25 Imposter Syndrome
28:52 The video that got Greg Fired
57:00 The state of Censorship
01:01:03 Greg did a 10 day fast to start the year. It kicked his butt.
01:06:25 Once you realize that you can fast for days at a time, you don’t mind missing a meal.
01:08:35 A study of people asthma found that doing 12 days of alternate weekday fasting cut the need for asthma medicines.
01:10:05 To compliment alternate day fasting, athletic people would be advised to eat high protein (keto/carnivore).
01:10:55 Our ancestors ate locally seasonal and we could too.
01:11:42 What your long-ago ancestors ate influences the efficacy of your diet.
01:14:05 Refined carbs and the combination of refined carbs with fat are not found in nature.
01:18:50 Big food wants us to believe in the power of calories rather than carbohydrates.
01:22:40 Masking to prevent viral spread in non-healthcare settings does not have strong support data.
01:24:41 It is healthy to question everything. Who is paying the expert?
01:25:45 Schools have your child for 6 hours a day and exert a great influence.
01:29:14 The majority of people who go through gender reassignment at a young age regret it later.
01:36:06 Cold thermogenesis is a good stress that favorably affects the immune system. It causes mitochondria within your fat cells to enrich.
01:38:29 Try to stay in the cold shower as long as you can. Listen to your body. Make a cold shower part of your routine.
01:52:03 You should be taping your mouth to enhance your sleep. Some experts say that you should tape your mouth during exercise.
02:02:19 In disease, your genetics load the gun, but your environment pulls the trigger.
02:07:46 antibody testing: Use the IGG to SARS COVI2. The decay of the antibodies is different for everyone. Mike had his done through Lab Corp.
02:10:19 Memory T-cell immunity has been shown to last 18 years so far. This immunity can cross over to viruses in the same family.

Source: Youtube