CPTSD – A day in the life

Couldn’t add everything because roommates were next door and was trying to get through it quick. In the process of changing rooms so wanted to show what it looks like. Before I started moving rooms it was hard to move without almost spraining your ankle. Those parts are arranged now don’t worry didn’t just chuck them somewhere. Left out parts about frantically pacing your room, ridiculous thoughts, saying out loud holy fak, screaming at the top of your lungs in your car, and making random sounds foreign to any human language, just wildly screaming whatever sounds come to mind (I.e. bluaghhakooyansoasoaaaaaaakrnowaayy’aan!) en route to Starbucks for your morning coffee.

Can’t continue like this everyday. There’s ways to improve. Not always easy but sometimes life presents its trials and tribulations more often to some than others and in very variant ways.

Source: Youtube