CPTSD and Intimacy: What Happens When We Rush In

One reason people with Childhood PTSD (or Complex PTSD) so often have a hard time in relationships is  “DWD” — Dating While Dysregulated. In this video I talk casual sex and how it can SEEM like it’s going to help us get re-regulated, but in the long term, it doesn’t always go that way.

I’ll also tell you a little about an approach that worked for me and many others, called Structured Dating. It’s the cornerstone of what I teach in my upcoming video-based course, Dating and Relationships for People with Childhood PTSD. You can learn more here: https://crappychildhoodfairy.lpages.co/dating-course-interest-sign-up

If you haven’t taken my first course, Healing Childhood PTSD, this would be a great time, because it’s all about the science and the strategies for recognizing how Childhood PTSD has affected you, and building a plan to get free and change your life (it’s good preparation for the dating course too). You can learn more here: https://crappychildhoodfairy.lpages.co/fairy-course-from-youtube

Would you like to learn the techniques that I’ve used for 25 years to re-regulate brain and emotions? You can learn access free instructions here: https://crappychildhoodfairy.com/2018/12/27/how-i-healed-from-childhood-ptsd-free-techniques-that-help-re-regulate-your-brain-and-emotions

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Sending my love to all of you,

Anna (the Fairy)

Source: Youtube