Cptsd: Body Odour, Hypoarousal and our Heart

Grab a cuppa, some notepaper and pen and let’s take a look at the connection between Body Odour, Hypoarousal, and our Heart and what we need to be doing to change things up.

The video for exercise 1 action, 1 minute a day: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8CE4ijWlQ18&t=20s

A faster video for 1 action, 1 minute per day: https://access.bodyfx.com/free-workouts/

I’ve started this free one as it helps my core, but remember I’ve been exercising for a while. It’s more important to do it slowly, not as fast as the video, and get used to your body. I cannot do this video, I do one action from the video consistently to build up both my body and to get my brain used to watching the actions. My brain is not capable of this level of coordination at this point in time. Remember, we need the bigger picture, not instant results.

Source: Youtube