"CPTSD" – film by PC 1942 – about #CPTSD and #PTSD

Short film made by PC 1942 in his own time. Awareness film about how PTSD may feel.

Trauma is cumulative, not only sudden shock
Repeating that stress you want a mental block.
Alarm, resistance and then you’re exhausted,
Extreme overthinking to understand causes.
Regular, long-term feelings of captivation,
Difficulties with emotional regulation.
Powerlessness, low self-worth, or despair,
Prolonged duress leaving functions impaired.
Struggling to express interpersonally,
Severe stress removes adaptability.
Feeling like it is happening at this moment,
Flashbacks—reliving traumatic events.
Physical symptoms such as a racing heart,
Sweating and trembling right from the start.
Pain, feeling sick, or what objects represent,
Words or situations remind of past tense.
Sexual victimization or other abuse,
Wrongful guilt or shame – like you have no use.
Overwhelming sadness, anger, and fear,
Outbursts or irritation always seem near.
Intrusive thoughts or images causing distress,
Being jumpy or startled as feelings compress.
Difficulty concentrating on everyday tasks,
Loss of interest in previous hobbies and acts.
Being in a continual state of high alert,
Unable to sleep because “differences” hurt.
Avoidance or change to routines from before,
Emotionally numb or like life is a chore.
Feeling tense, on edge, or at times on guard,
Like nowhere is safe and trust becomes hard.

Source: Youtube