CPTSD: The Gorgeous Disaster Ep. 2, Love and Trauma – Stay away from these kind of people.

I have definetly experienced all of these
flags and definetly ignored them and it always came back yo bite me in the ass.

In todays episode I discussed these toxic traights and why you should stay away from them, most of all being you deserve better!

People with CPTSD or PTSD should
avoid relationships with people that –
Do not express their emotions and or cannot handle you expressing yours‎ (the people that call you crazy)
‎Do not know or care about what trauma is‎ or how it affects people
‎ Has a toxic ex‎ or toxic past relationships‎
‎Has a toxic coparent‎
‎Are narcissistic, toxic, fake, unempathetic, selfish‎, or judgemental‎‎ ‎
‎Is not grounded/Independent.‎
‎Is not open minded
‎Is not willing to communicate.‎
‎Disrespects you, shames you, guilts you, unconsentually verbal, sexual, or physically assaults you.

In episode 1 I discussed how we are conditioned to accept fucked up shit and we need to know we deserve better! We deserve unconditional love. Listen to your intuition that shit is smart! – https://youtu.be/U008mHCU8Rg

Source: Youtube