CranioSacral Therapy & PTSD — Alternative Treatments for Vets

Watch 5 veterans talk about their PTSD, depression, startle responses, and physical pain and how CranioSacral Therapy has released tension and provided relief in cases where nothing else has worked.
“They sent us to fight unconventional wars, they need to stop being so conventional in the way that they [treat] us… They told us ‘PTSD is just something you have and get paid for… Either you can have these pills or these pills….The military hardens us some, and this is a thorough treatment that unravels some of that hardness…”
About Face Healing is a collaborative of greater Boston area CranioSacral practitioners who facilitate physical and emotional wellness of veterans and their families through the delivery of CranioSacral Therapy. We regularly provide free & low cost healing events to Veterans in the greater Boston area. Visit for more information and for all future events.

Source: Youtube