“Crazy When He Came Home” PTSD. War is not a video game. Please subscribe!

The creation of “Crazy When He Came Home”

The towers had just fallen on that fateful day.
Emotions were high and running away.
There was anger and awe and revenge in the air.
I could feel ‘national fever’ overtaking my fear.

Guns are the answer. I said in this state.
We need a war hero to set them all straight.
So in an instant a soldier was born
to carry our flag high and settle the storm.

But in the chaos, the realness set in.
The thought of the soldiers and the beginning of him.
Over time I met many who came back from the war.
The liars, the fighters, the emotionally torn.

The haters and killers, the diamonds in rough,
The cutters and healers, the damned and the tough.
Some without elbows, some without legs,
Some without passions and some who were saved.

Then one day my neighbor came home from that war
He told stories of children shooting guns out the door
He had children of his own and shuttered the thought
Of his own little babies in a battle so hot.

From those types of stories and reality tales,
Oh, and meeting the cutter at a register sale.
I knew in my heart that my song was complete
I had lived all the pieces to package it neat.

So, with a chord here and a word there the writing began.
And ‘Crazy When He Came Home’ was my song in the end.

PLEASE subscribe to my channel! War is hard on everyone. This video is about one soldiers PTSD. PTSD comes in all forms. War is not a video game. This song is to make people aware of one sign to look for or one way PTSD can affect a person.Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is not always what it seems. Crazy is not crazy when a person is suffering. Please support our troops. Please support any troops. All soldiers suffer in some way or another. This is a song to enhance awareness.
This song was written about a young boy who was excited to go to the Army and become a soldier.
This song was written about a young man who came home from war and discussed his experiences in combat.
This song is about a young mind that found an unconventional way to deal with pain.
This is a song about a young body suffering from the physical pain of fighting a war.
This is a song about WAR: the inside and outside affects of war.
Peace to the world.

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