Crimes And Misery: A Personal Account part II

firstly, sorry about the audio, i had to play music in the background so that the staff wouldn’t hear what i was saying. will try to provide transcripts for both parts. in between videos, staff got suspicious and came by, and i had to hide my phone (note: the patient phones in the building are all modified so as to never dial the second 1 in 9-1-1)

Part II of my Personal account of mistreatment in a homeless shelter housed in the Transitional Living Residence of Bronx State Psychiatric Center. Filmed in my (group male) dorm. Note: I am a Transgender Woman, and my main psychiatric conditions are Gender Identity Disorder, and Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I am out now, which is the only reason why i am at all safe enough to release this video. i do still have to worry about my former social worker, Fredrick Abston, who explicitly vowed to use his client information files to find someone to kill me. he still has all my personal information. comments are welcome, as well as offers for interviews and testimony. this is an amazingly widely known problem in the medical community, yet if i type in “Bronx State Psychiatric Center” not a single video comes up.

sorry also about the shot of my cheek the whole time, i had to be looking and listening for anyone coming towards me.

Source: Youtube