CTSD not PTSD: Long-Term Effects of CTSD Caregivers in Rare Disease Families

“CTSD not PTSD: Long-Term Effects of Chronic Traumatic Stress Disorder on Caregivers in Rare Disease Families”

Research partners include Dr. Elissa Epel (UCSF) and Indiana School of Social Work. Presented by Cristol Barrett O’Loughlin, Founder & CEO, ANGELAIDCARES.org

PTSD is a misnomer, enter CTSD — long-term caregivers in the rare disease families actually experience Chronic Traumatic Stress Disorder.

From a fairytale family to losing three brothers to Hunters Syndrome, maternal advocate ANGEL AID CARES Founder draws on personal tragedy to ease the suffering hearts of others. Her inspiring stories and sensory solutions reveal the secrets to sustainable self-care and wellness amidst death, disease and the realities of long-term caregiving. There is a purpose to our pain. With a guided meditation and her signature infectious enthusiasm, Cristol gently nudges us all to move beyond “Why me?” into “Heal Thyself First.”

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