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The Holistic Sanctuary Offers a life saving system not seen anywhere else. Real Cure for addiction available now.
This treatment is revolutionary – there is no other word to properly describe the Pouyan Method – which also uses state-of-the-art equipment and ancient plant medicine to heal patients. It does not matter if its PTSD, Depression, Alcohol, medication dependency, Johnny Has cured them all. For example: the Pouyan Method includes healing a heroin addict in less than three days with no pain or withdrawals. The brain scans prove the success of this treatment, which, for many patients, is nothing short of miraculous. The Holistic Sanctuary is the fulfillment of Johnny’s mission, a 5-star resort amidst the beauty of the Pacific Ocean and Baja, California. Patients relax and recover in paradise, a world devoted to healing recovery and optimism. Johnny welcomes the chance to speak with you about your addiction, or a friend or loved one’s problems. A healer and humanitarian, he wants to give people the healing they deserve.

Pouyan Method: The Modern Day Technique of Treating Drug Addiction at The Holistic Sanctuary
Although drug addiction treatment options have been in existence for many years, the Pouyan method is set to outlast them all. The treatment method which is exclusive to The Holistic Sanctuary was brought to the fore by Johnny the Healer, who also runs the treatment center. The Pouyan method is the modern day answer to the many substandard treatment methods that can be found in drug rehabilitation centers all around the world. It is unique in its approach and has seen many addicts get completely healed at their luxury center, which cannot be said other treatment centers that offer relief from drug addiction.

About NAD Amino Acid IV Drips Created by Johnny Tabaie
Majority of drug addicts are always looking for a permanent cure to their disease so that they can live a normal life again. However, many experts and naysayers say that getting completely cured is not possible for addicts and all that can be done is reduce the symptoms experienced on daily basis. Even so, some holistic approaches have proved otherwise with a number of addicts getting cured as long as they follow the procedure offered to them. One such holistic approach is the use of amino acid IV drips to restore the brain back to its normal workings and eventually overcome the abuse of a variety of drugs.

Ayahuasca is The Best Hope to Cure Drug Addiction
Ayahuasca is a naturally occurring plant that has been used for thousands of years by Amazonia tribes in their spiritual rituals. The plant has serious psychedelic effects that help users experience their inner-most beings. So can ayahuasca cure drug addiction? The simple answer to this question is yes. This is however only if it is used as part of a more rigorous and comprehensive drug treatment program.
Ayahuasca helps users to find the source of their sadness, pain and hurt which are strongly related to drug use and abuse. Ayahuasca is therefore effective in treating patients from a psychological and emotional level, increasing the chances of complete recovery from drug abuse.

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