Cure For PTSD, Depression, Addiction and Trauma. The Holistic Sanctuary All Rights Reserved 2018

Cure For PTSD, Depression,
Cure for Addiction and
Cure for Trauma.

Pouyan Method AKA The Cure For Addiction, PTSD, Depression, Trauma and Alcoholism.
This treatment, which was designed by our founder Johnny Tabaie over 9 years ago has the highest success rate. It has been used to successfully treat hundreds of cases of severe poly-drug addiction, as well as other behavioral and health disorders. The treatment Pouyan Method or “Seeker’s” Method and is unlike any other treatment available anywhere in the world. This treatment protocol utilizes a completely natural, safe and effective combination of Plant Based Medicine and holistic non-invasive therapies to heal an individual not only physically, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well. Johnny Tabaie world class five-star treatment facility, The Holistic Sanctuary, is located on the Pacific Ocean in Baja California. It’s the only facility in the world which can cure addiction to drugs like heroin, in under 14 days with little to no withdrawal symptoms and without the use of any toxic pharmaceutical medications. How is this possible? Through the use of a custom-tailored program which is a seamless synchronization of advanced holistic medicine, ancient plant medicine and proprietary technology invented by Johnny Tabaie.

Please see our list of Holistic & Alternative Healing Modalities available at our center. If a drug rehab uses anything other than the list below or uses less of any of these treatments, chances are greater they are NOT 100% Holistic Based, like us at The Holistic Sanctuary.

Pouyan Method treatment is so effective that the results are guaranteed for life, meaning if at any point the individual who has completed Our Platinum 90 day program ever relapses, they are welcome to return for treatment free of charge, for life. There is no other treatment center out there offering this guarantee, and for good reason, with the abysmal success rates found in traditional treatment, most of them would be financially broke before they knew what hit them.
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The Holistic Sanctuary All Rights Reserved 2018
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