Current Challenges in Mental Health among Communities and Frontline Workers during Covid-19 Pandemic

Increased stress related to pandemic conditions and its effect on mental health are important factors driving an increase in narcotics overdoses and fatalities as well as increased suicides and alcohol consumption. Anxiety, depression, and increased risk of post-traumatic stress disorder are some of the common mental health effects of concern. Some key stressors for workers include concern about getting infected, infecting family members, adjusting to changes in work and work schedules, loss of pay, and violence by customers who refuse to comply with COVID-19 safety protocols. Stressors on minority and low wage workers include lack of access to healthcare, food and housing insecurity, job loss, and discrimination. In this webinar we detailed the extent of the problem of deaths of despair and how the COVID-19 pandemic has added fuel to the fire. The only method to neutralize the stress of COVID-19 pandemic is to increase awareness among community and front line workers for mental and physical health

Source: Youtube