Cute Kitten Saves Veteran's Life And He Returns The Favour

The Subject of war and soldiers fighting can be a polarising subject and also filled with murky shades of grey making it hard to come to a confident conclusion.

There are definitely some large positive aspects to the soldier’s life.
The skills soldiers learn are invaluable; from fitness and health to strategy and management.
Not to mention the discipline instilled during training is a true asset in life.
However, theres the darker sinister side as well.
Post-traumatic stress disorder being all too common and an extremely horrific issue.

Army Sgt. Josh Marino was left permanently scarred from time spent in service of his country.
Not only was he left battling with severe post-traumatic stress disorder due to the things he witnessed but also suffered a brain injury during his tour in Iraq.

These issues in Marino’s life were so great and weighed on him so heavily that he began to contemplate the darkness of his experiences and became consumed by them.
his experiences and his situation haunted him.
Many join the armed forces to represent their country and make the world better.

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