Daily Sara: Episode 2 – PBS Video Shoot & Operation Sidekick

Today was the day. PBS sent out a film crew to interview one of our veterans (Greg), his service dog, Lilah, Scottie (one of our “sidekicks” in training) and myself.

Operation Sidekick is a Charlotte-born initiative under the American Pit Bull Foundation that pairs rescued and trained service dogs with veterans struggling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Currently a very small local program, I intend to help the organization scale to have a vast impact on the number of canines euthanized in shelters daily and the number of veterans that we lose to PTSD-related suicide.

I am incredibly grateful that John Branscum and Todd Wallace rallied for this piece to help bring exposure to not only the community crisis that we are facing with our veterans and canines, but also exposure to a very attainable solution through Operation Sidekick.

We will post more as soon as the story is live on PBS so that you can see the full interview and final project that these gentleman so kindly collaborated on.

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