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Dance na Mtoi is a six-month dance project for 65 sexually and physically abused girls in cooperation with Mary Faith Children’s Centre.

Among victims of childhood sexual violence, one in five females in Kenya experience sexual violence before age 13.

Child sexual abuse is a major unrecognized problem with devastating consequences and long-lasting effects that negatively impact on the health and social development of children.

Children and girls who experience sexual abuse often meet the criteria for developing post-traumatic stress disorder and other psychiatric disorders. The long-term effects of childhood sexual abuse are rise of anxiety and stress and that females show differences in interpersonal and sexual behaviours and social networks. They are more likely to engage in self-mutilation, risky sexual activity, abuse drugs and alcohol, experience more lifetime traumas and fail to complete high school.

The Project will stimulate creative thinking and asking specific questions to explore identity. During a one-week dance camp and weekly dance sessions, participants will explore, discover and reflect on their identity and their bodies and learn to work in a team and as a team.

The children and teenagers of Mary Faith children’s home will be engaged in a total of 100 hours of dance and body awareness sessions to learn different dance techniques and choreographies. Learning to cope with negative feelings arising from these past traumatic events. Dance na Mtoi creates a safe space, to speak up, to explore, to create and to express.

Together we want to give these girls the chance for positive female development and successful school completion.

The long-term goal is to train a small group of five of the older girls to become trainers to continue with the sessions and teachings after a six months period. This project utilizes a “pursuit of happiness” approach and focuses on uplifting the children to believe in their dreams.

“Dance na Mtoi”- using dance as an art form to express and release emotions, to stimulate creativity and to bring positivity, joy and fun.

Keep girls fed with a meal per day plus a food package.
Donate 250 KES to provide 1 girl with a warm meal per day.

Keep girls healthy through providing two sanitary packages for 65 girls for six month.
Donate 320 KES to provide 1 girl with 2 packages of sanitary towels.

Keep girls safe and support their mental and physical wellbeing through creative movement and dance.
Donate 500 KES to provide 1 girl with one dance session.


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