Day 16 #hope


Day 16 of ptsd/ptsi and suicide awareness.

Trauma is a wound that can heal.

Your not broken
Your not insane
Your not a coward
Your injured.

And injuries heal with the correct treatment.

If your trauma is overwhelming, seek out talking therapies.
Open up to your loved ones.
Create safe distraction techniques that help you focus on the moment and help negotiate those turbulent emotional waters.

Learn to recognise the onset of the meltdowns and flashbacks.

Make a personal commitment that you are going to walk this healing journey. Even when it’s only one step at a time.

We can’t loose anymore to suicide from untreated trauma.

Sexually Abused
First Responders
Healthcare workers
Grieving parents of lost children.
Generational trauma
None are immune from this scourge.

Please believe me,
You are worth saving.
And I want you to know, there are many who care.
And I care buddy.
I care.

Source: Youtube