DAY 18 PTSD | SHOWING UP 33 Days of Channeling Chanelle O'Hare

Are you showing up in your life? The frequency that we come into this planet on is a direct reflection Of our complete frequency Genome. What is reflected in this life transmission and broadcast is about the resonant frequency of PTSD is in direct Association from significant traumas from our previous lifetimes and all incarnations and on other dimensions or planetary civilizations.

This resonant frequency Must be healed in order to remove the current post atraumatic sequence of ever perpetuating cycles of replay.

As the root cause of the self imprisonment known as P TSD is the confusion the mind makes in order to convince the Soul or the human body that it is safer to stay in a state of imprisoned fear rather then to heal and step outside of that and be in a state of love and faith once again.

Showing up for one’s self in a big way is one way to get used to and build the spiritual muscle of ‘feeling the fear and doing it anyway’. This becomes easier and easier over time as you begin to bust paradigms and belief systems and heal so that you may live in faith love and sovereign integrity.

Peace and blessings beloved,
Chanelle xx

I invite you to share your experiences and post questions and topics for further channeling.

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