Day 4 – 25 pushups for 25 days to raise awareness of mental health issues

Day 4

What am I doing?
1. Do 25 pushups for 25 days
2. Take video and post on FB
3. Nominate one of your FB friend everyday

Please don’t mind my crazy hair this morning 😛

Those who’s having difficult time, please remember you are not the only one. We are here for you and just hang in there.

Very graceful of having supportive family and friends in my life and always trying to be one for you.
My next nominee is 이희철 🥰🥰😘😘❤️

Nominated by Sunny Lemen.
I will be doing 25 pushups for 25 days to help raise awareness of mental health issues such as PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), anxiety and depression that drives people into ending their own life.
The rules are simple.
– once you are nominated your 25 days starts the following day.
– everyday you record yourself doing 25 push-ups even if you have to drop to your knees to get 25. (You can do them in shorter sets if you wish).
– every day you must nominate a different person.
Let’s reach as many people as possible, let’s hope by doing this we can build awareness for anyone who is suffering through mental illness, you are not alone we are here for you.


Source: Youtube