Day 9 Push Up Challenge | Veteran PTSD Campaign Awareness | SOF Non Profit mention

Day 9 of The 25×25 day Push Up Challenge.
Day 1 of 25
I was nominated by
MG John Gronski
Sharpening The Spear! ⚔️
I will be conducting 25 push-ups for 25 days to help raise awareness for illnesses such as PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), Anxiety and Depression and issues that drive people to commit suicide.
My nomination for Day 9 is Ultra Triathlete
⚓️ Navy SEAL Master Chief Paul T. 🇺🇸

Look forward to the videos.
(The rules are simple):
*Once you are nominated your 25 days starts the following day.
*Everyday record yourself doing 25 push-ups even if you have to drop to your knees to get 25
*Every day you must nominate a different person.
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Special Mentions To Veterans DUCK -N- COVER Initiative Serving Our SOF Veterans By, With and Through events and creating networks. Sharing informations and education for PTSD. Check out,
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